Top 3 Kids Adventure Travel Holidays

This is a topic dear to my heart as I became a father two years ago now. Parenthood certainly changes your options for travelling but there is no need to “shelf” your sense of adventure – in fact I am very keen to instill that same passion in my daughter. She has notched up seven countries in her first two years and I hope there are many more to come. The looks of wonder and excitement on her face when faced with Alps or the great fjord in Montenegro are memories I will keep forever. She learned to run and took her first dip in the sea in Croatia and has even been to Bosnia! There are many options for kids adventure travel holidays but here are my top 3.

#1. The Alps. I have chosen this as number one because it offers so much for a family holiday, you can go in the winter for the winter activities or the summer for the alpine beauty and summer activities. Pick from France, Italy or Switzerland – you will find plenty of family friendly places to stay. Car rental and driving are easy (essential when with baby and all the luggage that comes with them!).

#2. Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains. This has to be in my top 3 as I love Morocco. Save this one for when your kids are a little older to get the most out of your trip. Marrakech is the perfect starting point – theĀ  scenery, souks, spices stalls, snake charmers, story tellers, etc, etc – a real culture shock and great introduction to the cultural diversity of this planet. If you are feeling active you can take a trip to the village of Imlil at the base of the atlas mountains. From here you can explore the High Atlas and Berber villages. It is quite easy to organize yourself but with a family I would recommend pre-booking this with one of the many great tour operators that travel here.

#3. Ok, ready for the next level? India! The ultimate culture shock. I would recommend heading to Kerala in the south. It is warm, laid back and totally exotic giving your family a great introduction to India. Be sure to try a local dance – get your kids involved and do not come home without witnessing a sunset in