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All On Clad Metals

Clad metals can be said to be two distinct metals that have been metallurgically bonded with the intention being to attain the best possible combination of the best possible combination of the functional qualities. These can be designed in a number of forms such as in plate, wires, sheets, tubes and rods. As a matter of fact, a majority of the engineering metals can be clad. One of the greatest of benefits that cladding has been lauded for is that it will allow you to come up with a composite material that has unique qualities that you will not be able to get in any single material.

Looking at the processes that can be used to come up with the clad metals, these are as well quite a number and they include such as co-rolling, casting, co-extrusion, diffusion bonding, heavy chemical deposition, heavy electroplating, and welding. An industry that has quite benefitted from the cladding technology or processes has been the jewelry industry as they have effectively used it to come up with blends of the precious metals and the strength qualities of the low cost base metals. The clad metals come of two basic kinds and these are the inlay clads and the overlay clad metals. Take a look at the description of the two kinds as is below.

The inlay clad metals actually happen to be so complex an application of the clad metals. This is looking at the fact that by using inlay clads, as a designer you will be able to put together materials that are so high cost and precious such as platinum, palladium, gold and silver with the less expensive ones such as brass, stainless steel and copper. It is one cladding technology that is loved for the fact that it allows you to have the properties of the precious metals right where you want them. Inlay cladding actually has so many benefits as compared to selective plating.

One is the fact that this method will not discriminate the use of any alloy and guarantees a highly consistent composition and as well will get you the freedom to use several alloys that would not be plated ordinarily. Clad metals invariably will assure you of some characteristics that as well assure of bond reliability at the best possible standards. Precious metals can then be used selectively so as to achieve great savings with the clad metals.

As for the overlay cladding of metals, this is a method that allows you to have dissimilar layers of metals to be bonded together. In this method there will be the use of the adhesives and filler materials.

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